Introducing Bits and Bolts


Do you like sci-fi, history, travel, and other fun things? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place!

Hello, my name is Chris and on July 1st I will be starting a new adventure, Bits and Bolts! This will be a blog (podcast in the near future) about various topics including travel, bingeable sci-fi, robots, and more!

I am a former teacher and currently run Vintage Robot, a small business in New York that designs and recycles materials to make robot apparel and accessories. I am a father of two boys who enjoy baseball, Star Wars, and Marvel super hero movies.

Baseball, sci-fi, and roadside attractions are just a few topics I am enthusiastic about. I travel often to comic cons, Maker Faires, and other events for business and once to twice a year with the family for fun.

I hope you enjoy the ride and remember passengers are welcome!