Beam Me Up!



A great way to participate is to get out of the house tonight and look up at the stars for a chance to have your own UFO sighting story. If you are thinking that could lead to an unwanted close encounter, a re-watch of your favorite UFO related movie or show could be a fun night.

List of Alien Movies and TV Shows

Check out a short list of a genre with a plethora of choices!

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • ET

  • Alien

  • The War of the World’s

  • Independence Day

  • X-Files

  • Doctor Who

  • Star Trek

  • Star Wars

  • 3rd Rock From the Sun

I will be celebrating today by creating a new UFO inspired design and watching my favorite X-Files episodes tonight!

Enjoy and please make sure to stay safe on Earth!

World UFO Day!

Happy World UFO Day! Since 2001, July 2nd is the day we celebrate unidentified flying objects and little green men. I am happy to report if you are reading this right now you have not been beamed up…yet.

Since the 1950’s people young and old have been captivated with the unknown.

Why July 2nd?

This date was adopted to celebrate UFOs because it commemorates the controversial Roswell Crash/cover-up of 1947 in New Mexico. This event has help spark a fascination with the extraterrestrial that continues today.