Our DIY robot kit was designed with parts sourced during late 2017.  This bot utilizes an American made tin and wrenches.  Additional parts were sourced both locally and nationally.  


Each tin has four holes that are drilled, sanded, and a rubber grommet is placed to reduce risk of any sharp edges.  

Kits come with all the necessary hardware to create your very own robot friend.


Click on the link below to view instructions for DIY robot kits!


Check out the video at the top of this page to view a bot being built!

PostCards and Prints

Post Cards

Postcards are 4x6 and printed using 80-lb glossy paper.  Each card is designed with a robot themed address side.   


Robot themed prints are printed on photo paper and ready for human dwellings or purgatories (the office).



New and old examples of postcards and prints.

T-Shirts, Baby Gear, Hoodies


Robot tees are made using light weight vinyl, the colors are hand layered and pressed.    Currently robots are pressed on 50/50 or blended garments.

Care is simple, wash normally with your regular laundry and put them in the dryer as well. 

Baby Gear

Baby gear is designed to convert the little ones into robot fans.  Similar to the way the tees are made each robot is crafted using light weight vinyl, which is hand layered.


Coming Soon!

Apps, Games, and More


Robot imessage Stickers

Search the App Store for Vintage Robot and Download V.1 of the newly released iMessage Robot Stickers.  

Add emotive robot to your messages for character and fun.  Express your love of robots or send malfunctioning ones to your family and friends.  

Enjoy humans!


Coming Soon!

Check back for updates on new projects!



Check back for updates on new projects!

Recycled Robots

Tin Robots


Recycled Robots are hand crafted using parts of computers, watches, vintage tins, as well as, other materials.  Tins and materials are left in the condition I find them, with rust, grime, and even some ginger.  

Each robot is unique and one of a kind, made from a selection of materials acquired during the time of assembly.

Most robots are assembled using nuts and bolts and can be adjusted with a screw driver and wrench.   

Dice Robots

Recycled Dice Robots are hand crafted using vintage math dice, screws, bolts, and other materials.  Robot heads are hand pained and can swivel. 

Each robot is unique and one of a kind and are made from a selection of materials acquired during the time of assembly. 



Robot necklaces are make using parts of watches, computers, and other electronic materials.

Every Recycled Robot includes a 24" gun metal finish chain.