Over the years I have been asked how many robots have I designed since 2012. Unfortunately, I never could answer this question with any certainty. Over the next few months, I will rummage through external hard drives and the cloud for all of the robots designed throughout the years and post them here. Enjoy as the updates will be ongoing!


The early years of Vintage Robot I designed robot heads primarily. It seemed creating the entire robot body was a daunting task, which in hindsight was a misguided approach. I have tried to add bodies to these heads at a later date, but they never looked right. In the future when I sit down to sketch out and later design a robot, I create the entire bot at the same time.



Venturing into full body robots, 2013 was a year when I increased my design work load with 8-bit robots and zombie robots (zobots) characters!

Robots Through The Years-2013-03.png
Robots Through The Years 2013-5-05.png
Robots Through The Years2013-2-04.png


Looking back at 2014, this year felt similar to 2013. I booked a ton of shows and the focus was on making t-shirts, small prints, and buttons. The robots below were introduced with the hopes of a full refresh of designs for the following year.

Robots Through The Years-07.png
Robots Through The Years-06.png
Robots Through The Years-08.png