When I was a kid, way back in the 1920’s (sometimes it feels that way), I always loved space. I can remember getting the National Geographic space themed magazine in the mail and diving in, as I sat in my bedroom. My mind would wonder with questions. What did other planets look like? What color would the terrain be on these remote planets? Could there be other humans, aliens, or even a robot civilization? The space themed images of terrains and worlds were formed from these questions.

Science fiction books and movies also helped fuel my curiosity. Star Wars was a great visual influence for me, as their world building concepts were fascinating. Additional movies; The Last Star Fighter, Star Trek, and Blade Runner also contributed to my love for what space could truly be in a galaxy far far away.

When I started my graphic design journey the theme of space has continued to be part of what I love to create.


Tali Nvda

(Two Moons)

On a remote planet past the third quadrant is Tali Nvda that consists of two moons, three pyramids, and a small outpost of robots who believe the light from the pyramids will help these moons continue to rotate around the planet.

Space Travel.png

Space Travel

This depiction of futuristic space travel was my first work in the space series.



Future colonization of planets will not be easy. However, with the help of robots the future of expansion is possible.

City Near the Stars-1-01.png

City Near The Stars

As gravity fluctuates in the third quadrant cities were built on rock formations that float miles above the mountains below.

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